Welcome to Stygian Tarot

Well met, and welcome to Stygian Tarot!

Many are familiar with the River Styx, twisting and flowing through the Underworld…

Few are aware it’s named for a mysterious and ancient goddess that the gods swore unbreakable oaths upon. It’s always been intriguing for me and I’m proud to have my style of Tarot inspired by the strong, though sometimes bittersweet, energy of the Goddess and River Styx. A name upon with an oath cannot be broken. A place to which all other rivers of Hades flow into. The end of all things.

It’s an energy I try to emulate whenever possible.

I’ve been reading the Tarot since the age of 13 and I’ve been using the Olympus deck for over 15 years. Greek mythology has always had a special place in my heart and I’ve long believed the quiet Underworld has gotten a bad rap. It’s not just the scary Tartarus, it’s also the beautiful Elysian Fields. It is like our world up here- beautiful and horrible. There are two sides to every coin, hence why Charon the ferryman doesn’t take bills.

I have information on scheduling a reading, a glossary of terms, and a blog where I explore the more educational and personal side of Tarot- what it means to me.

I’m always discrete and professional in my readings, and though I personally do wholeheartedly believe in my deck, my readings are officially for entertainment purposes only.

I am based out of the Southwest Ohio area, but it is possible to do long distance readings via Skype or similar methods. Please feel free to contact me to discuss!

By the river Styx,
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